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    Expert treatment and advice for all your aches and pains



    Rudi Henry

    Rudi is a highly experienced therapist and has been practicing for over 20 years. He holds internationally recognised qualifications and is registered and insured with the leading bodies for the various modalities he practices.


    He is well regarded in the complementary therapy field and regularly receives referrals from a number of highly respected healthcare professionals.


    Rudi works mainly from his clinic room in Appleton, near junction 10 off the M56. 

    Rudi also holds clinics in Knutsford and Warrington and makes home visits within the area detailed below.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 00.03.42.png

    If you live outside of Rudi's usual working area, please still feel free to enquire 


    Rudi may be able to help you with all sorts of health issues, especially some of the more common conditions such as:

    • Back pain, neck pain and headaches

    • General aches and pains and injuries

    • Digestive problems

    • Breathing issues

    • Skin complaints

    • Menstrual, hormonal and/or fertility issues

    • Stress, anxiety and/or emotional issues

    • Sleeping problems and lack of energy

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