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Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic method carried out by stimulating pressure points on the hands and feet on areas known as "reflexes". These are reputed to connect directly through the nervous system and affect the body's organs, structures, systems and glands.

Reflexologists believe that by massaging and/or manipulating the reflexes that it has a beneficial effect on the corresponding body area. This can help to bring the person being treated back into a natural state of balance known as homeostasis.

In other words, it is a safe and simple process that helps to promote better health by reducing stress levels, improving circulation and assisting the body to heal itself. 


Although most people associate Reflexology with the feet, it also works on the hands, but shouldn't be confused with a simple hand or foot massage.


When a part of the body is disturbed or suffering from dis-ease, a tender or sensitive area will be found on the corresponding reflex when pressure is applied to it. By working the reflexes over a series of treatments the tenderness will usually subside as the body regains normal function and returns to homeostasis.

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