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Massage & Manipulation

This group of therapies fall into a category of treatments with different names but employ similar techniques such as acupressure, Swedish massage, sports injury massage and joint manipulation techniques.

These techniques make use of massage to the body's soft tissues and muscles employing specific pressures points to release tensions. Stretching techniques or gentle manipulation of the joints may also be used to improve movement, to relax muscle spasms or to improve circulation in order to speed up recovery from an injury and remove toxins from painful areas.

Because techniques are wide and varied they can be utilised to treat any area of the body from head to toe including aches and pains or injuries to the spine, the limbs or even the fingers and toes.  They are so versatile they can either be used to just relax someone who is very stressed or to treat acute injuries such as whiplash or even long term injuries and painful conditions such as headaches, severe back pain and joint pains

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