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What Is Offered? 

A very effective form of massage therapy that reduces stress and promotes wellbeing, therefore increasing productivity.

The main areas concentrated on are back, neck and shoulders, the areas that most people tend to suffer most stress from when seated for extended periods. Other therapies such as reflexology, or full body treatments are also available.


How Does It Work?

Rudi will provide a portable massage chair or table and treatments take place in a suitable location at your work premises. Treatments are carried out without the need for any clothes to be removed. Employees can pay for their own treatment or treatments may be funded or subsidised by the company.


What Are The Benefits?

Benefits to the recipient are many fold: relaxation of tired and tense muscles, relief of headaches, neck and back pain. It can also reduce the likelihood and reoccurrence of RSI (repetitive strain injury).


Benefits to the organisation are just as many: it's a great way to boost morale, reward employees performance, reduce absenteeism as well as enhancing the health of the employees and the business.

Corporate On-Site Treatment

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